Seminar & Workshop

102 seminars and workshop conducted on the following topic.

  • How to stop crime against women, children and senior citizens.
  • How to protect crime against women, children and senior citizens.
  • Empowerment of women targeting mothers and children.
  • Employment guidance for unemployed youth.
  • Children's workshop.
  • Workshop on skill education.
  • Workshop on socio economical empowerment.
  • Workshop on slum rehabilitation.
  • Workshop on child growth.
  • Workshop on social media negative/ positive.
  • Workshop on environment.
  • Workshop on Green Mumbai Clean Mumbai.
  • Workshop on costal safety and beach cleaning (Versova)
  • Workshop on role of women in politics.
  • Workshop on women & children.
  • Workshop on mothers and children (Slum, Tribal, Urban, Rural)
  • Workshop on painting & corporate gifts.
  • Workshop on health
  • Thalassemia
  • Nutrition
  • Depression
  • Workshop on conveyance, deem conveyance, redevelopment, development, civic problems.
  • Workshop on problems related to roads, gutters, meters, water, housing societies considering legal issues, deem conveyance & civic problems, drains, green areas, gardens, rivers, mountains, hills, beech & sea. Targeting on the leagal rights of citizens.

Children of Sex workers
Project on how to make their lives better

  • View point of the mother affects the upbringing of the child.
  • Mental growth of the child.
  • Legal, educational, economical, health, hurdles & Awareness
  • Social Myths.
  • Solution

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