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A non-governmental organisation, founded by Bindu Bhosle on 02 January, 2015, ‘Mahaan Shakti’ has one vision- ‘Development At Every Doorstep’. It is a registered organization since 2nd January, 2008 under the Mumbai Public Trust Act-1950, registration No. E-24682(mum).

Staying true to its motive, Mahaan Shakti works in the best interest of the suppressed and economically backward sections of the society since 10 years now. The organization has worked relentlessly towards creating a better place to live in for those less fortunate and in need. Everyone wants to make a difference, Mahaan Shakti makes the difference. Removal of illiteracy, helping the needy lead the same respectable and dignified life like the rest of us blessed people, by carrying out welfare programs is the expertise this organization stands by.

Stepping foot in almost every evil that exists today or any area that we as society lack in, reaching directly to the root cause of the same, Mahaan Shakti has curated a vast set of projects that have been successful in the past, and we hope will continue to remain equally successful by encouraging more and more people to step forward and make a difference. Given below is detailed information of every project Mahaan Shakti runs.


Mahaan Shakti has devised the project - Protect

  • PROTECT Mothers & Children [Slum, Tribal, Rural, Urban]
  • PROTECT Shiksha–Education
  • PROTECT Bal Kamgar- Child Labour
  • PROTECT Swabhimaan- Dignity [Women/ Senior Citizens/ Children]
  • PROTECT Paryavaran – Environment
  • PROTECT Arogya–Health
  • PROTECT Mahaan Shakti MahilaManch- Women Empowerment
  • PROTECT Bhasha/ Sahitya/ Kala/ Krida – Languages/ Literature/ Art/ Sports.
  • PROTECT Mumbaikar – Issues connected to Mumbai.


Project- PROTECT Mothers and Children (Slum, Tribal, Rural, Urban)
PROTECT Women and their off springs.

The bitter truth of the world today is where credit is most due, it lacks. Mothers who give birth to beings who will create a better tomorrow are the ones who face most consequences and are perhaps the most suppressed set of people in the country today. Mahaan Shakti focuses on empowering these mothers and their off springs, especially those who live below poverty line and in tribal areas.

We do so by aiming at achieving socio economic rehabilitation of economically backward communities by empowering women folk and youth for managing their available natural resources and converting them into a valuable income generation asset of sustainable livelihood.


Another vision Mahaan Shakti strives by- ‘Every Citizen Should Have A Pen In Hand’. Education we believe is the only medium left that has the potential to bring an unreal amount of change and betterment in society. Thus, we strive to bring it to the doorstep of every child with due consideration of the geographical, social and economical structure he/she comes from. Mahaan Shakti targets the fundamental right of every child to education irrespective of class, creed or social structure with reference to ‘Serv Shiksha Abhiyan’.

This does not stop at children only. We go one step ahead by offering education facilities to mothers who wish to voluntarily be part of the project. Every woman who has been denied to her right to education is welcome to get her basic right here. Not only education, but we also aim at nurturing women who are part of the program with skills which further empower them to earn their basic livelihood.

Two steps ahead, we also have a target group project for the under privileged, handicapped children and women.


We have over 5000 domestic maidservants registered with us who stay in slum areas, evidently facing regular problems. We are constantly taking steps to bettering living conditions for them. This is achieved by our regular visits to the slum patches where we collect reports of all the children attending school and motivating them further to study thus directly taking preventive measures against child labour. We further seek ways to providing education to those children who are denied this right by holding seminars in their locality against the evils of child labour. We take immense pride in stating we have protected children from physical harassment and abuse they have been victims of by their employers.


We live in an unfortunate society where women face evils such as rape, harassment, sexual abuse, domestic violence almost daily. Children are victims of child labour and child abuse and protection and care for senior citizens has become the need of the hour. We have offered a helpline against all these evils of society.


Mahaan Shakti has taken up Several local issues related to dumping of sewage in old Oshiwara / Mogar river, Destruction of Mangroves, uprooting of trees for metro rails, encroachment on garden plots and also dumping of waste on beaches in an around Versova & Juhu, at the time of festivals like Ganesh chathurthi. We have a dedicated team of lifeguards in association with Baywatch.

Our motto- ‘Green Life, Clean Life, Our Life’.


Malnutrition and ill health is the number one problem those less privileged face. Personalized health care programs, provision for safe drinking water, heath care, sanitation and hygiene are few initiatives our organization has taken along with access to medicine and medical care for heath care in the looked over parts of society today.

PROTECT Mahaan Shakti Mahila Manch - Women Empowerment

Mahaan Shakti runs a self help group which empowers less fortunate women by providing them with a platform to create works of their interests and generating sales for the same. The proceeds of these sales are put in an account which is utilized by these women to provide for their children’s education and for future investments required by them, thus making these women self-empowered.

Social Empowerment
Mahaan Shakti has successfully worked towards creating a social empowerment group which connects women staying in cities like Mumbai having any kind of skilled quality, art & education that brings them together on a platform where they can exhibit their talent.

PROTECTS - Bhasha/ Sahitya/ Kala/ Krida - Languages/ Literature/ Art/ Sports

Mahaan Shakti is working hard to maintain, support and undertake the publications of books of languages losing their roots from modern India. We are moving forward keeping the theory, art, culture & festivals alive. Thus our socio, cultural, religious & educational research projects are highly acclaimed to keep the “National spirit” alive.

Special projects
• Research
• Make cultural centers
• Make library
• Make community hall
• Teach regional languages
• Promote artist, writers, poets

Mumbaikar – Issues Related to Mumbai

Is Mumbai really the city of dreams? One could rightfully answer ‘yes’ if he is blissfully ignorant and overlooks what lies behind the skyline of this city. Mahaan Shakti is working on the project Protect Mumbaikar, that takes up issues related to Mumbai. The following are the points put forward by our organization for the same:

• Cleaning of Footpaths, Roads, Slums, gutter, rivers & nalla.
• Helping the residents to fight for rights
• Issue related to Housing society
• Conveyance
• Redevelopment
• Demolition
• S.R.A.

Mark Effects or Influence - Prerna to parivartan

We not only give them education…. But also a future they can be proud of
We don’t stop at lighting a candle…. But we make sure they have a bright future.
From walking miles for water …. To bring water for their household.
From malnutrition and ill health …. To personalized health care programs.
From hunger and urchin life, To self employment and self esteem.
From homeless living, To a home they can call their ‘own’.
From child labour and provide them with clothes, But help them weave their own destiny.
We not only stop child exploitation, But we also carefully nurture their future.

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